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Web development

The Server Management is great, people with high capacity and knowledge, very fast support.
My company is a client and recommends the great services provided.

Lucas Delalibera

Super Quick Service

I just signed up with becuase I had a problem with a site. They had everything done within about 2 hours of me signing up. The site was back to normal within 2 hours of me signing up. It was that quick that I had to put that information twice. I only wish they had more products to offer, because if they are this good/quick I am at least interested in everything they offer. Thanks!

Jordan Schoner
Blind Cheddar

Server Management Plus is the REAL Deal

Server Management Plus is the REAL Deal! I contracted them to provide support for a CentOS server with cPanel and have been floored by the level of service they provide. Not only with the quick and courteous way tickets are handled, but also with their depth of knowledge and the amount of work provided for the price. Prashant in particular has been a life saver who has gone well above and beyond in his obligations to provide assistance and support. They truly are the best deal in server management.

Mike Bosse

excellent support with fast resolution of requests

Francisco C de Souza
Guia das Geraes

Great Service

Very impressed with the services I have received. Great work by Prashant and Sandip. Always on point. They meet my expectations and beyond; solving my problems every time. I would recommend them to anyone who needs quality and professionalism at its best. I have been a customer for 3 years and counting. Highly recommended.

Eric Aghadiuno
Devace, Inc.

Suporte Excelente

Essa empressa realmente é profissional e tem uma equipe eficiente, com soluções práticas.
São de confiança. Estou muito satisfeito em tê-los com suporte em meu website.

Wellison Costa fonseca

Best Server management

I search on google for management and i see has great provider everything do it for our services and manage . i have many server so one by one i delievreed server very impressive he will manage and secure one by one
response is great

Brazil Host Company

servermanagementplus is a reliable and optimized solution for our applications, which we have used in our company for years.

Thales Godoi

Web hosting in Brazil since 1997

Very professional and helpful staff.
They respond to calls promptly and with great skill.
Congratulations to all of you!

Ange Rodrigues

Really Know There Stuff

The guys at ServerManagementPlus are able to handle queries concerning hosting lightning fast and with great skill. If it wasn't for there professionalism we would have been stuck many times, they provide a very high quality service.

great support and reliable

Configure all my server, ask questions, anyway; I am totally satisfied, professional and reliable. Congratulations, I'll indicate.

Weliton Pinheiro
Vitoria Host Hospedagem

Desenvolvimento web e hospedagem de sites

Recebemos a indicação de usarmos o suporte da Server Management Plus e fizemos a contratação e nos surpreendemos com a agilidade e expertize da empresa.

tudo é feito com muita rapidez e qualidade nos serviços e nos dão informações sobre sistemas e configurações.

parabéns pela equipe e pelos serviços prestados.

gilberto martins
lokaunet studio

Very good and reliable service.

SERVER MANAGEMENT provides one management reliable and very professional.
Thank you!

BH Servers

Thank you! For less headaches and more peace of mind.


I just wanted to express my immense gratitude for the dedication and above all skilled job you guys do. Within a day of taking out the (very low risk) contract, you had already more than justified my decision and after a week I can honestly say I feel so much more relaxed and confident about my business and the exciting plans for growth.

You offer unbeatable value with no compromise on quality, which is rare in this day and age.

Many thanks to all of you for your hard work and commitment!

Arthur Kendall
Director Ltd and
Applied Corporate Governance

Fast & accurate solutions

server management is made easy with you guys! Servers are monitored in real-time by many different system admins and the solution comes really fast! also they dive into anything else you might ask them to do and solve it. i strongly suggest you give them a try. best regards from greece.

sakis tavlaridis

I am always happy

I am using the services from ServerManagementPlus for about 6 months now and i am always happy these guys exist. As being an art & technology student and startup company, time and money are both limited. Better to focus on the core business.

With Plesk I ran into some issues, like DNS configuration, reverse DNS, PTA records, MAIL server SSL issues, so I was looking for a outsourced solution. Many services where about 85$ a month and with just a few clients, that costs are to high.vI found ServerManagementPlus about 50% less expansive than others. So after reading the website about 5 times, I came to the conclusion, there are no HIDDEN fees or tricks. Felt like a great deal 🙂 and decided to subscribe. I payed for 1 month Plesk service and asked my first few questions. I took a fair amount of time, about 6 months to test the service. Until today 23 June 2014

First of all I like the affordable subscription fee. Just like my own style/strategy. Make people happy no matter how long it will take. Happy customers are the most valuable a company can have these days. Customers are the key factor in a successful business. So today it was time to write my critics, so hopefully I can help anybody with my testimonial. I can say that the affordable priced service at ServerManagementPlus have been perfect for my situation!

I will rate from 1 to 10 points where 10 will be the impossible good and 1 the reachable bad:


Overall service: 8 points
Response time: 8 points (always within 1 our)
Speed for solution: 7 points (overall good, my own limited technical english has part in this)
Dedication: 8 points (they work until its done)
Know how: 8 points (allot technical talents)
RIO: 10 (a real time saver)
Communication: 7 (overall good, my own limited technical english has part in this)
Less stress: 10 (no more worries, sleeping better)
Kindness: 9 (always respectfully and they have patience)
Total price/work ratio: 9 (i can not complain at all)
Final score: 8 (they fixed all my issues)

I will be more than happy to work with ServerManagementPlus if quality/price ratio will stay on this level. Do not grow to fast and keep your people FIT…

Kind regards, M.Minasian

Marcel Minasian

Hacked Server - Fix Problems and Helped me get backup

These guys were great, they gave me step by step instructions and help be recover all the data on hacked server of mine. I was really impressed with their speed and customer service, I would recommend them to anyone


Mathew Potter
Swift Media

These guys are absolutely genuine and experts. I highly recommend their services.

Umesh Dhekane

Fantastic service!

I was always told that server management would be £250pcm +, so when I found these guys for £30pcm I was intrigued.

I had a few problems that I brought with me and they have all been rectified very quickly and efficiently.

The monthly cost is worth it just for the peace of mind, knowing that if I do have any problems that they'll be fixed.

Kind regards

Liam Campbell
Netfuel Ltd

Hacked Server - Fix Problems and Helped me get backup

These guys were great, they gave me step by step instructions and help be recover all the data on hacked server of mine. I was really impressed with their speed and customer service, I would recommend them to anyone.


Mathew Potter
Host Fox

Best service and value!

I have a 2 server round robin high availability system that was set up by Server Management Plus. My old server manager was not able to do this and gave up. They kept giving me excuses and we were down for 10 days. Server Management Plus had us up and running in less than 24 hours. It was easy working with them with my limited knowledge of computers. They make it easy and take the time to explain what information they need from me. This is exactly what I was looking for and needed. The best part is they are less expensive than my prior server manager. I now get faster service, easier working relationship, and better pricing. What a deal! I give them 5 Stars.

Michael Uehara

Server Management Plus is fast and reliable and at a good price to manage your Server.

John Cheshier

Powering Up Your Business More......

I would like to thank you guys for all your help with my server because without you I could not scale up my business with a high spec dedicated server and keep it running the way it should, which is the base of my online business.

Albert F A Matthews
Weedo Group Network

Great for ecommerce

server management plus were really helpful when we needed to set our server up for a shopping cart website, it was great to have experts on hand 24 hours, we recommend server management plus.

Kieran Collings
Assecure Ltd

High degree of responsibility and competence.

Partnering with ServerManagementPlus is strategically important for us so we can deliver aline with the needs of our clients solution.This was made possible by the high degree of responsibility and competence that was offered.

Alexandre dos Santos
Weblara Internet Solutions