Windows Server Management

Sorry, We no longer provide Windows Server Management.

windows server management

Tday there are lots of server management companies providing windows server administration and mangement. But what they actually do is restart the services and re-install the softwares instead of actually investigating the actual cause and doing a permanent fix, this is what separates our windows server management team from them. Each of our team member has minimum 5+ years of experience in managing windows server and has worked and fixed all kind of issues related to IIS, DNS, MySQL, MS-SQL etc.

Windows Server Management Services

Below are some of the main features provided by our windows server management service. Our windows server administrators will be available 24/7 to solve all your server issues.


Operating System Support

  • Windows 2003, 2008 web edition
  • Windows 2012 standard edition

Services – IIS, MySQL, DNS, MS-SQL, MailEnable, SmarterMail

Control Panel Supported

  • Plesk
  • DotNetPanel
  • Contact Sales for other control

24x7 Windows Server Monitoring

24x7x365 Windows Server Ping Monitoring with 15 minutes reboot.(Optional Addon)

Unlimited Server Administration Time

Our Windows Admins will work on your server till the issue is resolved without charging any extra fees.

Guaranteed 6 hour response time

As per the stats most tickets are responded within 1 hour.

New Server Setup

If you have a new server then we can set it up for you

Guaranteed 24 hour resolution time

95% of the tickets fall under this. We leave room for 5% tickets that require perpectual monitoring. As per the stats most tickets are resolved within 4 hours.

Unlimited Administration Tickets

As it says there is no limit and we are going to resolve all your tickets.

Disaster Recovery

We will rebuild your system from the backups in case of operating system or hard disk crash.

Security Audit

We will scan your for server for virus and backdoors and send the report to you.

Server Migration

We will help you migrate accounts from other servers to your server. ( Limited to 50GB/month  or 5domains/month  whichever comes first)


Our server management experts can suggest you solutions for your problems you are facing in your projects

Setup Fees

For new server signup we have to setup monitoring system, apply security, do optimization, security audit etc. So there is a setup fees of just $20 only.

Permanent Solution

Whenever you open a ticket regarding any problem we will find the underlying cause of the problem and then resolve it.

3rd Party Software Installation

We will install commonly used 3rd party plugins and softwares like AspJpeg, AspUpload, SmarterMail, IonCubeLoader, ZendOptimizer etc…