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Emergency/Urgent Server Support Service

Sorry, Emergency/Urgent support is not available right now.

Not An Emergency?

Then reduce your support cost by using

Low cost server Management Services

  • ✅ 5 Minutes Response
  • $49 $25 per issue/incident
  • ✅ Quick Server Recovery

Not An Emergency?

Then reduce your support cost by using

Low cost Server Management Service

How does Emergency Server Support Service Works

  • You discuss your problem on chat with system administrator
  • They provide you the order link
  • They will start working on server as soon as the order is complete
  • Your server problem is resolved

If you own a server then there may come a time when you need urgent solution to a server problem. And you cannot wait for regular server management service team to fix it.

We have created this emergency server support plan to handle those situations. A system administrator from our team will start working on your server within 5 minutes to resolve the problem. Issues that can be resovled within 1 hours are covered under this plan.

Below are some of the common Emergency Server Problems that we handle

Security Issues

  • Investigating hacking/intrusion attempts
  • Finding spammer
  • Server under DOS attack

Webserver issues

  • Apache not Working
  • 500 Internel Server Error
  • Webpage loading slows
  • Some Website stopped working

Mail Server Issues

  • Server not Sending/Receiving emails.
  • Particular email accounts not working

Database Problems

  • All websites stopped working after database server upgrade
  • Database connection problems after PHP recompilation
  • Recurring “Database Connection Limit exceeded” error messages on critical websites
  • Database corruption (Note: innodb database can’t be repaired)

Control Panel Issuess

  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

Frequently Asked Questions | 24x7 Emergency Server Support Service

When Will your start working on server?
Within 5 minutes
Do I get dedicated priority service?
Yes, The admin who will work on your ticket will work dedicatedly on your issue till the issue is resolved
Do you provide refunds?
No, this service is charged for the time that we spend working on your server
What information do you need to get started?
Root SSH login details and we should be able to access your server remotely.
Are my login details safe?
Absolutely YES. Also you can change them once issue is resolved
Your team resovled the issue within 5 minutes. And this plan covers upto 1 hour. Can I get support for reamining time later ?
NO, this plan is charged per problem/task/issue. So even if the problem was solved within one minute. It will be considered full delivery of service.
If I later have some query regarding the probem that you solved. Can I contact you back?
Yes, you can within 5 days via ticket.