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Server Management

The world wide web (internet) has changed everything, especially the business world. Even if your site went down for a few minutes, there are chances that you will loose a potential customer. And recurring server downtime will drag away your existing customers to your competitors. This can severely harm your business and reputation of your company. So it’s extremely important that your servers must be online and all services must be up and running 24x7x365. That’s why server management is very important. You should regularly update the server softwares, kernel, apply security updates and patches, Install and properly configure the firewall, malware scanner, rootkit scanner and antivirus to scan the server daily/weekly 유튜브 url 다운로드. This task can’t be handled by a single person, Also even if a person it knowledgeable enough to fix all server issues, he can’t be available/online 24×7, also would like to spend all your time managing your server or concentrate on your sales to increase business? That’s where server management companies like us come in, we can take this responsibility off your shoulders. We will monitor and manage your server 24×7 and will fix all your server issues. We offer quality server management services for windows and linux server at competitive prices. Weather it’s any holiday, weekend, raining or even the occasional 366th day of leap year day. Our 24/7 server management team will always be online to solve all your server issues, So that you can concentrate on your sales during the day and get worry less sleep during night 다운로드.

Our team has vast experience in managing Linux and Windows servers. Our server support includes following Linux flavors CentOS(5.x,6.x), RedHat(5.x,6.x), Ubuntu and Debian. We support cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, Kloxo, ISPConfig and server with no control panel, In windows we support Windows 2003 and 2008 web edition. Our virtualization support includes OpenVZ, Xen and VMWare with SoluVM and HyperVM control panel.

If you are not satisfied with our service within first 7 days or first 3 support tickets which ever comes first. Then we will provide you the full refund. We provide discounts if you have more than 5 servers managed by us. Please contact our sales department regarding this 너를 위해.

Server Management Plus has the experience and reputation you can count on for rock solid performance. Our knowledgeable team members have an average of 5 years experience each. Spend less time worrying about your servers and more time doing the things you enjoy. Sleep better at night knowing that your servers are in competent hands. We offer complete setup, configuration, hardening/security and ongoing monitoring and maintenance of many different types of servers.

Server Support

24x7x365 running server are vital for your online businesss. Everytime your server stops, so does your business. So you should always have a proper server installation and setup, And all the necessary services should be configured secured hardened and optimized properly to run 24×7 메리포핀스 리턴즈. These configuration and setup can cost your company losts or time and money. That’s why you should contact ServerManagementPlus. ServerManagementPlus server admins have years of experience working on hundreds of Linux and Windows Servers of varying size and complexity. We provide 24x7x365 uninterrupted server support services. No matter what ServerManagementPlus services you employ, you can count on experiencing the best server management and support services. ServerManagementPlus team is 100% committed just for your success and satisfaction.

The importance of good quality server support for the success of any company/organization can never be overstated. Ensuring high quality server support, server management & server security should be your first priority as your servers are the backbone of your business mac 유튜브 동영상. Professional server management & server support service boosts your productivity level.

With a good server support in place, all problems can be rectified as soon as they occur. A good server management & support service will also constantly monitor the condition and functioning of a server, which helps in the detection of problems even before they occur. In other words, your server’s problems can be preempted. The best part of ensuring good support for your servers is that it frees up your other resources, which can then be directed towards increasing the business’ productivity.

cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin Server Management Service

24x7 Server Monitoring

24x7 Server Monitoring

Your server will be monitored 24×7 every 10 minutes interval and an email alert will be sent to you if it went down 사나이 다운로드.

Unlimited Server Administration Time

Unlimited Server Administration Time

We don’t limit the admin hours. We will work on your server till the issue is resolved without charging any extra fees.

Guaranteed 6 Hour Response Time

Guaranteed 6 hour response time

As per the stats most tickets are responded within 1 hour.

New Server Setup

New Server Setup

Just Got a new server and don’t know what to do? Not a problem. We will setup the server from scratch and make it ready to use.

Guaranteed 24 Hour Resolution Time

Guaranteed 24 hour resolution time

95% of the tickets fall under this 일시정지 다운로드. We leave room for 5% tickets that require perpectual monitoring. As per the stats most tickets are resolved within 3 hours.

Unlimited Server Administration Tickets

Unlimited Administration Tickets

There is no limit on number of tickets. You should open separate ticket for each issue and our server management team is going to resolve all your server support tickets.

Server Hack Recovery

Server Hack Recovery

Our Server Support includes recovering data from crashed hard drive or hacked server. Our Server Management team will rebuild your system from the backups and secure it.

Server Security Audit

Server Security Audit

Our Server Support team will configure rkhunter and maldet malware scanner to perform nightly scan and email the report to you.

Server Migration

Server Migration

If you are migrating the whole server then we can help you in this 유튜브 프리 다운로드. cPanel must be installed on both servers and you must provide root ssh access to both servers.

Server Management and Server Support Consultation


Our experts can suggest you solutions for your problems you are facing in your projects

Server Optimization

Server Optimization

Slow sites loose visitors. We will optimize your server to perform its best using all available resources.

Permanent Solution for Server Issues

Permanent Solution

Whenever you open a ticket regarding any problem we will find the underlying cause of the problem and then resolve it.

New Server Setup Fees

Setup Fees

For new server signup we have to setup monitoring system, apply security, do optimization, security audit etc. So there is a setup fees of just $10 only.

Server Security and Hardening

Server Security and Hardening

Today server security is a must 극동방송. We have a extensive list of security software that we will install and system tweaks that we will perfrom on your request on your server to make it secure.

3rd Party Software Installation on Server

3rd Party Software Installation

We will install all 3rd party cPanel plugins and softwares like Softaculous, RvSkin, WHMSonic, ImageMagick, Ruby on Rails, PHP modules, Fantastico, CpanelPro, CpanelXp, ClamAV, Mailscanner, URCHIN, ZendOptimizer, Ioncube, GD, Curl, Freetype, Eaccelerator, Perl modules, Xcache, FFmpeg, Mplayer, Mencoder flvtool2 etc…

cPanel Server Management

cPanel has revolutionized the webhosting business. Today many hosting companies prefer to use only cPanel on their servers. Our system administrators has vast experience in working on cPanel servers and has knowledge of the internal working of cPanel which provide us an upper hand in managing the servers. Our team is able to resolve the issues extremely fast as compared to other cPanel Management Companies. Read More

Plesk Server Management

Plesk is also one of the popular control panel used by many hosting companies 곰세 마리 mp3. It’s famous for it’s gui and multiple level of ACL i.e Admin, Reseller, Client and domain. If a client has more than one domain then separate login access can be granted to each domain. Our system administrators has vast experience in managing plesk servers and are able to resolve the server issues fast.Read More

DirectAdmin Server Management

DirectAdmin also called DA for short is the preferred choice after cPanel and Plesk. It supports FreeBSD, Debian and ubuntu which other control panel doesn’t. One the best advantage of using it is it’s low system requirement and resource usage. Our team has good experience in working on DirectAdmin servers and are able to resolve all kind of server issues.Read More