★cPanel/WHM Special Offer★

Why should I choose your server management service?

12 years in business

We started in 2012. But many of our system administrator has 16+ years of experience in managing linux servers.

Also during these years we have developed many in house monitoring tools and scripts using which we are able to provide far better support compared to all other companies out there. We take care of most of the task in the background and send you weekly report. So you will rarely need to open ticket after the first month.

No Tricks, No deceptive marketing

We don't try to fool our clients with deceptive marketing tactics. Other companies offer 1 hour response time. It makes you think they are fast at solving your problems. But when you look at their resolution time it's 24 hours while our is 16 hours. So you may get faster response from them. But we solve issues faster (8 hours faster).

So don't get fooled with these deceptive marketing tactics. Always look at RESOLUTION time guarantee and NOT response time guarantee. If their response time is 1 hour then make sure that their resolution time is not more than 5 hours.

No extra charges for monitoring and security

Other companies charge $50/month for additional monitoring, server security etc. While it's included FREE with our service.