Server Management Services by ServerManagementPlus

11 years in business (since 2012)
Provided support to 1539+ Linux Servers since we started
  • ✅ FREE Monitoring Addons
  • ✅ cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin ...
  • ✅ CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian ...
  • ✅ 24x7x365 Support
  • ✅ Lowest Price Guarantee
  • ✅ New Server Setup
  • ✅ FREE Server Security
  • ✅ FREE Server Monitoring
  • ✅ FREE RBL IP Monitor
  • ✅ FREE Malware Scan

Quality Server Management Services at lowest possible price

24x7 Server Management Services

We all want servers that need no maintenance at all. Just setup the server once and it will run forever without issues. But in reality this is not the case. Services can fail, disks can get full, processes can crash, the server can run out of memory, sites can get hacked, spamming can occur, security patches and updates are released which needs to applied immediately, Hardware failure can occur, etc. So like all other things you will have to do regular server maintenance. For managing servers you have two options

1: You can spend several months/years learning about server management. And then spend several hours daily/weekly managing your servers.


2: You can hire someone to manage the server for you. And fous on other tasks like growing your business.

If you are reading this then it's most probably the second case for you. And that's where we come in. You can leave all the server management tasks to us and focus on growing your business.

Cost of Server Management Services

There are lots of other server management companies available out there but they charge ridiculously large amount of money just for basic server management service. On top of that they also charge extra money for additional tasks like server security, server monitoring, rbl monitoring, proactive server updates etc. Server Management should never be costly unless you are running some bank or enterprise site. Because in that case you will need a dedicated team of highly experienced techs. And you will have to spend spend several thousand dollars a month.

Now you don't have to spend such large amount of money. Our services start at just $5 per server per month. Yes you read it right, it's not $100, not $50, not even $30 but just $5/server/month. And that too without any long term contract. You can cancel it anytime. And with that you will also get $50 per month free addons. So it's highly afforadable for everyone.

Now you must be thinking how is it possible to provide support at this price? Other companies charge atlest 6 to 7 times more money for these tasks. And you are right. Our main goal is not to extract large sum of money from clients and get it over with. But to provide good service at lowest possible price so clients stick with us for a very long time. And that's where we make our profits from. We have many clients who are with us from past 8-9 years. If a client is happy with the service then he will stick with us for a very long time. And if he is unhappy then he will cancel and leave.

What our client say about us?

“ great support and reliable

Configure all my server, ask questions, anyway; I am totally satisfied, professional and reliable. Congratulations, I'll indicate.

Weliton Pinheiro

“ Hacked Server - Fix Problems and Helped me get backup

These guys were great, they gave me step by step instructions and help be recover all the data on hacked server of mine. I was really impressed with their speed and customer service, I would recommend them to anyone.

Mathew Potter

“Great Service

Very impressed with the services I have received. Great work by Prashant and Sandip. Always on point. They meet my expectations and beyond; solving my problems every time. I would recommend them to anyone who needs quality and professionalism at its best. I have been a customer for 3 years and counting. Highly recommended.

Eric Aghadiuno

Why should I choose ServerManagementPlus?

11 years in business

We started in 2012. But many of our system administrator has 16 years of experience in managing linux servers.

Also during these years we have developed many inhouse monitoring tools and scripts using which we are able to provide far better support compared to all other companies out there. You will rarely need to open tickets after the first month. As we will handle most of the tasks in the background and send you weekly/monthly reports.

Real Server Management

Other companies only work on your server when you open ticket. But we do daily server check and updates, server monitoring, rbl monitoring and send you weekly reports via email. This automatically reduces the number of problems that you are going face in future by more than 85 percent. Most of our clients rarely open ticket after the first month because we properly manage their server and take care of most things in background.

If you are not getting weekly reports from your server management company then that means they are not managing your server properly. And you will face some major problem on your servers sooner or later. So ask them for the weekly report.

FREE monitoring & Security

Other companies charge up to $50 or more for additional monitoring, server security etc. While we provide it for FREE.

Lowest price guarantee

We offer the lowest price guarantee. If any other company is offering lower price then we will match their price. The condition is that they must provide the same level of service as us. And their offer should not be promotional offer.

No Tricks, No deceptive marketing

We don't try to fool our clients with deceptive marketing tactics. For e.g. other companies offer 1 hour response time guarantee. It makes you think they are fast at solving your problems. But you are wrong. Because if you take a look at their resolution time it will be 24 hours. So they will reply you fast via their automated system or hire some inexperienced tech to give initial response. But take up to 24 hours or more to resolve problem.

So don't get fooled with these deceptive marketing tactics. Always look at RESOLUTION time guarantee and NOT RESPONSE time guarantee. If someone guarantees one hour response but their resolution time is more than 5 hours, then they are definitely trying to fool you.