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Cheap Server Management

Cheap is not always bad and Expensive is not always good

People generally think that if something is cheap then it must be bad. This not always the case especially in case of linux server management services. If some company replies to ticket fast then that doesn't mean they are good at managing your server. In fact it may exactly be the opposite. They must be very poorly managing your server due to which you have to open lots of tickets.

When you get a new server then you may face more issues in the first month. But if everything is fixed and managed properly. Then from second month onwards you will rarely need to open support tickets. We have many clients who hasn't opened even a single support ticket from past 6-8 months. Because we manage the server properly. We do weekly rbl scan, monitoirng , server updates etc. And email the report weekly. So our clients know that we are doing the job. And they didn't face any problem then that confirms that we are doing a damn good job of managing their server at very cheap rate.

Unlike other companies who does things manually and take more time. We have generated lots of internal tools and scripts which make linux server management a breeze. So high automation result in less manual work. So we are able to provide cheap server management services.