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NOTE: Only tasks mentioned below will be performed. If you have any other requirements. Then contact us here before signup. There are no refunds for this service.

What will you do under cPanel/WHM Server Setup and Security?

cPanel Installation

Got a new server server? Don't worry. We will install the cPanel/WHM for you.

Initial Setup & Configuration

Includes hostname and nameserver setup. Configuring additional IP's. Installing SSL on hostname, local backup configuration etc.

Server Security

We have a very extensive list of tasks that we do for server security. And then we provide report. At the time of updating this page i.e. 12th Aug 2022 we have 100 checks. Check below for the sample report that you will receive

NOTE: Only tasks mentioend in the below screenshot will be performed. If you want any other tasks done on the server. Then contact us here before signup