★cPanel/WHM Special Offer★

SolusVM Server Management & Support Services

  • ✅ 24x7 support
  • ✅ New Server Setup
  • ✅ Weekly Reports
  • ✅ Server Security
  • ✅ 12 hours response time
  • ✅ 16 hours resolution time
  • ✅ Cancel anytime
  • ✅ and more ...


Starting at $15/Server/month

Choose your plan

Plans are based on number of linux vps on the SolusVM node. The plans marked with asterisk(*) symbol are for new clients/server only.

* Special offer plans are for new clients only.

What do you do under SolusVM Server Management Support Service?

Under SolusVM Server Management and support service we will create the linux VPS'es and do server level management of those VPS'es. It includes operating system installation, control panel installation, vps security and hardening, server updates, configure backups, install ssl etc.

There are lots of other things that are also covered in our 24x7x365 SolusVM management and support service and are provided below

Supported VPS Operating System

64 bit versions of
  • ⇒ CentOS 7.x, 8.x
  • ⇒ Alamlinux 8.x
  • ⇒ Debian 10.x, 11.x
  • ⇒ Ubuntu 20.x, 22.x

Supported control panel on VPS

  • ⇒ cPanel
  • ⇒ Plesk
  • ⇒ DirectAdmin
  • ⇒ Webmin + Virtualmin
  • ⇒ CentOS Webpanel(CWP)
  • ⇒ VestaCP

Only OS and root level support will be provided for these VPS'es. e.g. control panel installation, basic setup, basic security, basic optimization, control panel and server upgrades, help resolving server level issues etc.

12 hour Response Time Guarantee

Tickets will be responded within 12 hours. As per our internal stats most tickets are responded within 8 hours.

This guarantee applies only to first 10 tickets/issues in last 30 days.

16 Hour Resolution Time Guarantee

80% of the tickets fall under this. We leave 20% room for tickets that require perpetual monitoring, server scanning, migrations, backups etc. which may take more time depending on size of data, number of files and other reasons. We will inform you if a task is going to take more time.

As per our internal stats most tickets are resolved within 10 hours.

This guarantee applies only to first 10 tickets/issues in last 30 days.

Unlimited Support Tickets

All tickets you open will be answered. But response and resolution time guarantee applies only to first 10 support ticket/issues/tasks in last 30 days.

SolusVM Server Management

  • ⇒ OS template download
  • ⇒ VPS creation
  • ⇒ VPS Security
  • ⇒ Troubleshooting server level VPS issues
  • ⇒ Apache, MySQL troubleshooting
  • ⇒ VPS Updates
  • ⇒ Configure Backups

NOTE: Only server level support will be provided for VPS. In case you need more support for a VPS then you can signup for our invidual server server management service.

New VPS Setup

We wil create new VPS and do the server setup, basic security and optimization etc.

24x7x365 Days Support

Our support team will be available all year around even on holidays

Data Centers / Server Provider

We provide support for servers from data centers centers all around the world. Below are some of the data centers that majority of our clients use.

OVH, Hetzner, SoYouStart, Contabo, DigitalOcean, HostEurope, Linode, AWS and more ...

Server Security

  • CSF Firewall Installation & Configuration
  • LFD Alerts on brute force attacks
  • SMTP Tweaking
  • Server Software Updates
  • ModSecurity rules setup
  • Anti-Spam configuration
  • Change SSH port
  • Root SSH login alerts
  • Disabling Unused Services
  • Linux Malware Detect (maldet)
  • Linux Enviroment Security
  • System Priority (SPRI)
  • Process Resource Monitor (PRM)
  • ClamAV
  • Rkhunter
  • Logwatch
  • MyTOP
  • Mod_Evasive ( on request )
  • Disable FTP and SFTP instead ( on Request )
  • and more ...

Some OS or control panel may not support all above. So they will be skipped.

Other companies charges additional $35 or more for these tasks but we do it for FREE

VPS Basic Optimization

We will do basic optimization of VPS by Tweaking Apache, my.cnf ( for MySQL), installing Redis, Memcached etc.

NO Server/Website Migration

VPS or Website migrations are not supported under this plan. You will have to order server/website migration service separately if you want us to do the migration. The price will vary depending on the number of websites, size of data etc. So you will have to contact our sales department with details.

FREE 3rd Party Software Installation

We can install 3rd party software as per the official documentation with default settings for FREE. But we don't provide any support for 3rd party softwares. You will have to manage and configure the 3rd party software's yourself. Below are some of the most common ones that we install

ImageMagick, Ffmpeg, Centova Cast, Mplayer, Mencoder, Ioncube, Perl modules, PHP modules ClamAV, Softaculous.

For other 3rd party softwares please contact us here before signup.

Ticket Support

All support will be provided via our ticket system only. No support will be provided via other mediums like chat, phone, slack, discord, Whatsapp etc.

If you are looking for phone/chat support then we do have custom plans starting at $550/month. You can contact us here with your requirements.

Refund Policy

If you are not satistifed within first 3 support ticket/issues or first 7 days whichever comes first then you can request refund and we will provide full refund EXCLUDING SETUP FEES

To prevent abuse of our services refund is applicable to first time clients only and for one server only i.e

  • ● If you signup for two or more servers and request refund. Then refund of only one server will be provided.
  • ● If you signup then cancel and then signup again. Then you are not applicable for refund.

So if you have multiple servers and want to try our services, then signup just for one server and test our services. And if you are not satisfied then request refund and we will be glad to do so. And if you are fully satisfied then and only then signup for other servers.

Frequently Asked Questions | 24x7 SolusVM Server Management & Support Service

How are your prices insanely low? Are you even a profitable company?
We don't invest in premium office locations or expensive company cars. We keep our expenses to bare minimum. Even our CEO lives in rented apartment shared with two other people. So thanks to this lean approach, we are a profitable company, even with extremely low prices.
Do you provide Urgent/Emergency support under this service?
NO, under no circumstances you should use this service for ugent/emergency support. This is a very low-cost/cheap shared server management service. If you cannot wait for 12 hours then this service is not for you.
Is this proactive server management service?
NO, this is not a proactive service. Our services are REACTIVE. You will have to open a support ticket whenever you want something done on the server.
Do you provide support via phone or chat?

NO, we only provide support via our helpdesk under this plan. You will have to open a support ticket whenever you need support.

We do have other custom plans starting at $550/month under which we provide support via phone, skype and slack. You can contact us here with your requirement if you are interested in it.

What forms of payment do you accept?
PayPal, Credit Card, Stripe, BankTransfer
How long does it take for my service to get active?

Immediately for payments done via PayPal, Credit Card or Stripe.

Bank transfer will require manual activation so it may take upto 24 hours. But you can attach the screenshot of payment and get support immediately.

How do I get support after signup?
You will get client area login details on signup. Login to Client Area and click on Open Ticket.
What are the support hours/timings?
It’s 24x7x365. Also on the 366th day of leap year 😃
I don't want monthly server management. Do provide per incident support?
Other companies offer 1 hour response time while yours is 12 hours?

Faster response doesn't mean your problem will be solved faster. Most companies out there have automated response system setup. They will respond you fast. But resolution can take 12 to 24 hours.

So don't get fooled by those faster response time marketing tactics. If their response time is 1 hour but resolution time guarantee is greater than 5 hours, Then it's a shady marketing tactics.

Also what we offer is a very very cheap shared server management service affordable to everyone. There is not even a single company out there that is providing even half the services that we are providing at this price range.

Which level of support do you provide Level-1, Level-2 or Level-3 ?
All level of support is included in this service. We have a system for handling support ticket. Whenever you open a ticket it will first go to a Level-1 tech. He will investigate and resolve the problem. In case he sees that this ticket requires escalation then he will escalate it to a Level-2 System Administrator. And they follow the same steps and escalate it to Level-3 if required.
Can I request some task to be started within particular time window?

Yes, you can. But

  1. We should be informed 24 hours in advance.
  2. Time must be specified in UTC or IST(Indian Standard Time) zone
  3. We need an 8 hour window to start that task

NOTE: For some reason if were unable to start the task within the requested time window, then it will be automatically rescheduled for the same time window the following day.

How do I cancel the service?
Login to your client area >> Services >> My Services >> Click on the server IP >> Request Cancellation.
There you will get two options
  • Cancel Immediately
  • Cancel at End of billing period
My service is expired/cancelled due to non-renewal. How can renew it?
No, you cannot renew it. You will have to place a new order for the same server.
Do I get alert when a ticket is updated?
Yes, you will get email alert on every ticket update.
How long does it usually take to respond to a ticket?
Our response time guarantee is 12 hours. But our internal stats shows that most of the tickets are answered within 8 hours, and resolved within 10 hours.
Do you install 3rd party server software?
Yes, we do as per the official documentation with default settings. But we don’t provide any support for these 3rd party softwares. You will have to take care of configuration and everything else yourself.
Do you offer any trial period?
No, we do not offer trial periods as we offer 7 days money back guarantee. Check the Refund Policy for details
What information do you need to provide support?
We will need the following
  • Root SSH access to server
  • Control Panel root/admin login
Is my information kept secure?
Absolutely yes. All server information and passwords are encrypted and transmitted through our Secure Server SSL. All information provided to us is visible by our technicians on an “as needed” basis only.
Are there any hidden fees, term contracts or taxes?
No, there are no hidden charges or long term contract. You can cancel anytime.

Indian clients will have to pay GST. But there are no taxes for clients outside India.

I got a new server. Can you change service IP?

No, we cannot change server in middle of service. Because it's not possible for us to work on two servers at the price of one.

You will have to order new service for the new server. And cancel the old one.

I want to change control panel on my server. Do you allow it.
Yes, you can, But you will have to order a new service for the new control panel and cancel the old service. It's not possible for us to setup and work on two control panels at the price of one.
In which language do you provide support?

We only provide support in English. If you are from non English speaking country then you can use google translator to translate the text in English and paste it in the ticket. Do the same to read the replies from us. But note that we cannot make any guarantee that translation will be prefect.

Also note that if your control panel or server language is not set to English then we may change it to English if you open support ticket. And you will have to change it back to your preferred language later once ticket is resolved.

Do you have any support ticket guidelines to get better support?

Why should I choose your SolusVM Server Management services?

Vast Experience
We have been in business since 2012. But many of our system administrators has 17+ years of experience in managing linux servers.
Real Server Management
Other companies only work on your server when you open ticket. But we do daily server check and updates, server monitoring, disk monitoring, RBL blacklist monitoring and send you weekly reports via email. This automatically reduces the number of problems that you are going face in future by more than 85 percent. Most of our clients rarely open ticket after the first month because we take care of most of things in background.

If you are not getting weekly reports from your server management company then that means they are not managing your server properly. And you will face some major problems on your servers sooner or later.

Free Monitoring Tools
Other companies charge additional $50 or more for RBL monitoring, Server monitoring, proactive updates, mail queue monitoring etc. But we provide it for FREE.